The congress of the International keratoconus society (IKS). This event gathers all the experts in keratoconus and ectatic diseases from around the world under one roof to share their knowledge, research, and best practice.

Prof. Mazen Sinjab

President of the Congress
General Secretary of the Society

The dream has become a reality. One umbrella for all experts in the field of keratoconus and ectatic corneal diseases. We come together to lay the foundations, unify concepts, and shape the future. It is the opportune moment for you to have a role and contribute a building block in this monumental edifice. Prof. Mazen Sinjab Chief Co-founder and General Secretary of the IKS

Dr. Miltiadis Balidis

Vice President for Educational Affairs
Head of the scientific committee

'Welcome to International Keratoconus Society, a global community to support those affected by keratoconus. Whether you are a patient or a healthcare professional, this society is a beacon of knowledge, compassion, and collaboration. We aim to provide a platform for sharing experiences, insights, and advancements. Our society spans borders and cultures, fostering connections that transcend boundaries. Through a wealth of resources, forums, and events, we strive to enhance awareness and education about keratoconus, ensuring that individuals worldwide receive the information and support they need. We are united in our commitment to improving the lives of those impacted by this condition.'

Dr. Rashid Alsaidi

President of the Society
On behalf of the Organizing Committee of 1st world keratoconus congress Greetings to all presenters and participants! We extend a warm welcome to each of you, expressing sincere gratitude to our plenary and invited speakers. The Faculty of IKS proudly organizes this international congress, marking the inaugural step toward an exceptional event on keratoconus science, pathophysiology, and management, setting the stage for standardized guidelines tailored to our region and age demographics. Anticipating a rich exchange of research ideas, this conference aims to advance our understanding of keratoconus sciences and related corneal pathologies, exploring diagnostic and management strategies.

Dr. Adel Barbara

Vice President for International Affairs
Keratoconus, now recognized as a new subspecialty in ophthalmology , benefits from advanced diagnostics and treatment modalities, emphasizing the importance of early detection and treatment.. The International Journal of Keratoconus and Ectatic Corneal Diseases (IJKECD) adopted by the Interanational Keratoconus Society (IKS) serves as the educational cornerstone, highlighting the commitment of IKS to advancing research. WKC acts as a collaborative platform for experts, researchers, industries, and healthcare professionals, fostering a deeper understanding of keratoconus The congress in Dubai holds immense significance, contributing to the refinement of diagnostic approaches, treatment strategies, and patient care protocols. SEE YOU IN DUBAI Adel Barbara