12:15 – 13:30 …… Remote Surgery Course & Lunch

Chairperson: Adel Barbara
Panelists: Ahmed Alsaadi, Olivier Prisant, Shady Awwad

12:15Giuseppe D'Ippolito
4D suite: Automation and remote control
12:30Mohamed Hosny
Customized treatment for ectasia: From wavefront to raytracing
12:40Mohamed Shafik
My experience on treating keratoconus using a high definition
12:50Osama Ibrahim
CXL alone or combined for ectasia: What we learned in 16 years
13:00Hamed Anwar
My experience in laser assisted DALK, how to enhance it
13:10Cosimo Mazzotta
Long term results of ray-tracing customized ablation and cross linking for ectasia
13:20Giuseppe Addabbo
Benefits, social and healthcare cost savings of the SDTF process