11:30 – 12:15 …… Opening Ceremony

Speakers: Mazen Sinjab, Rashid Alsaidi, Adel Barbara, Miltiadis Balidis

11:30Mazen Sinjab
Welcome Word about the dream, hope, persistence, teamwork
11:33Mazen Sinjab.
Video of the opening ceremony
11:30Rashid Alsaidi
Opening speech
11:45 Adel Barbara
Opening speech
11:52Mazen Sinjab
Inviting the founders and steering committee to come to the
12:07Mazen Sinjab
Announcement of the Artificial Intelligence
12:09Miltiadis Balidis
Announces and welcomes all for the 2nd WKC in Athens
Voting for the 2026 3rd WKC