14:30 – 16:00 …… Navigating Keratoconus Treatment: A Tapestry of Therapeutic Strategies- Part 1

Chairperson: Adel Barbara
Panelists: Ahmed Alsaadi, Olivier Prisant, Shady Awwad

14:30Ahmed Elmassry
Xenia implants for moderate keratoconus
14:38Murad Alobthani
Is femto-DALK worth the hassle?
14:46Ahmed Mohamed Sherif
Contact lens -assisted collagen crosslinking for thin keratoconic corneas
14:54Carlos Gordillo
CAIRS & PMMA, comparison of results between 2 surgical technique in keratoconus
15:02Deepthi R H
Can we understand the critical link of eye rubbing and inflammation by molecular pathways
and it’s potential therapeutics
15:10Haikel Kammoun
Intracorneal ring segments: Pearls for success
15:18Hossam Ziada
Laser in KC; rules of the roles!!
15:26Mohamed-Sameh El-Agha
Safety and efficacy of epithelial island crosslinking in keratoconus with thinnest pachymetry
less than 400μ
15:34Marta Calatayud
Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty + phakic IOL implant after failed combined intracorneal
ring segments (ICRS)+ ICL in a patient with keratoconus. Report of a case
15:42Ouzzani Mhamed
Flattening effect of corneal cross linking in ultrathin corneas: Sub400 protocol
15:50Rohit Shetty
Biomarkers driven management in keratoconus