16:15 – 17:45 …… Navigating Keratoconus Treatment: A Tapestry of Therapeutic Strategies- Part 2

Chairperson: Adel Barbara
Panelists: Berthold Seitz, Cosimo Mazzotta, Rohit Shetty

16:15Michael Belin
Multicenter, randomized, double-masked, sham-controlled, parallel-group phase 3 FDA study
to evaluate the efficacy and safety of epithelium-on corneal cross-linking in subjects 8 to
45 years of age with keratoconus
16:23Nancy Al Raqqad
Toric ICL in keratoconus, mystery cases
16:31 Olivier Prisant
Long term stability of intracorneal ring segment implantation followed by same-day topography-guided PRK and crosslinking.
16:39Merab Dvali
Phakic ICLs for keratoconus correction (20 Years’ Experience)
16:47Vanessa C Pongo V
Adapting and applying Sub400 protocol with Accelerated Corneal Crosslinking ( ACXL) device
(9mW /cm2 - continuouslight UV irradiation)
16:55Wassim Altroudi
Minimal invasive topography guided photorefractive keratectomy with custom cross linking
17:03Cosimo Mazzotta
The M nonomgram: Tackling the route of the standardized treatment of thin ectatic corneas
17:11Miguel Rechichi
Combined treatments for refractive tuning in keratoconus: Phakic IOLs
17:19Marwan Ghabra
A novel technique for porcine corneal lenticular implantation in patients with advanced
17:27Efekan Coskunseven
Corneal remodeling with progressive thickness ICR segments
17:35Marco Abbondanza.
Customised peripheral corneal cross-linking (P-CXL) for ultrathin corneas with stage 3 and 4 keratoconus: A novel
alternative to more invasive surgery.