14:30 – 16:00 …… Innovations

Chairperson: Shady Awwad
Panelists: Cosimo Mazzotta, Pooja Khamar, Roberto Albertazzi

14:30Roberto Albertazzi
ByLimb: Development of a new technique to implant intracorneal ring-segments from the
perilimbal region
14:38Anisha R.
How can tear biomarkers help in determining cross-linking outcomes
14:46Hidenaga Kobashi
Efficacy of keravio using violet light emitting glasses without riboflavin drops for
progressive keratoconus
14:54Marco Zagari
Combining crosslinking with keratoplasty: The DRXL- DALK procedure
15:02Panaah Shetty
Collagen regeneration/ Lysyl oxidase enzyme regeneration: Is this a possibility in keratoconus?
15:10Pooja Khamar
Advancing gene therapy for keratoconus: Bridging the gap between research and treatment
15:18Cosimo Mazzotta
Ray tracing central corneal remodeling plus pachymetry guided accelerated crosslinking for
keratoconus, long term results
15:26Rohit Shetty
Collagen imaging in keratoconus
15:34Berthold Seitz
Excimerlaser-assisted deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK) or penetrating keratoplasty
(PKP) in advanced keratoconus