09:00 – 10:30 …… Hot Topic 2

Chairperson: Christopher Liu
Panelists: Nada Alyusuf, Rashid Alsaidi, Shihao Chen

09:00Waleed Abou Samra
Differentfitting philosophies in challenging corneas
09:05Salah Eddine Benmoussa
ICR in unclassified cases of Keratoconus
09:10Mohamed Salah El Din Mahmoud
Toric Implantable Phakic Contact Lens in correction of stable keratoconus after corneal
collagen crosslinking
09:15Muhammad Abdul Moqeet
One-year visual and refractive outcomes of deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (DALK) in
patients with advanced keratoconus
09:20Hassan Mansoor
Technical feasibility and efficacy of LDV Z8-assisted Bowman layer transplantation in stabilizing
progressive advanced keratoconus
09:25Mohamed Reffat
Total WFG PRK and ACXL Early visual rehabilitation and stability for suspicious and early KC
patients A case study
09:30Tamer Salem
Corneal topographic keratometric changes and visual outcomes after corneal allogenic
intrastromal ring segment (CAIRS) implantation for keratoconus
09:35Shiva Pirhadi
An innovative approach to calculate IOL power in keratoconic patients
09:40Moatez Billah Mekki
Surgical management of corneal hydrops: Deep corneal sutures alone oriented By
preoperative corneal OCT
09:45Davide Borroni
The ocular surface microbiota in naïve keratoconus
09:50Ghaleb Seif
Unveiling the inflammatory pathways: A key to understanding keratoconus progression
09:55Abdulrahman Alharbi
The patten of using contact lens for keratoconus in Saudi Arabia
10:00Enas Mourad
Femtosecond laser-assisted implantation of ferrara versus myo rings for keratoconus correction
10:05Bouchra Allali
Keratoconus in children, from diagnosis to treatment, about 115 cases
10:10Leon Grupenmacher
Long-term (20-year) experience with intracorneal rings and results
10:15Loïc Hamon
Intracorneal ring segments implantation in corneal ectasia – The experience of a German
keratoconus reference center
10:20Wisam Shihadeh
Customized approach to keratoconus management