17:45 – 19:30 …… Hot Topic 1

Chairperson: Mohamed Shafik
Panelists: Hidenaga Kobashi, Murad Alobthani, Vanessa R. Moodley

17:45Vanessa R. Moodley
A multi-level, interdisciplinary keratoconus management model: Leaving no child behind
17:50Carlos Gordillo
Epi off CXL & insulin: Case series
17:55Durgalaxmi Modak
Seeing beyond: A 10-year journey with XTRA in lenticular extraction
18:00Srihari Balraj
Imaging the collagen & Bowman's layer thickness and its impact in understanding
pathophysiology of keratoconus outcomes
18:05Vibha Singh
Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT): Its role in management of ocular allergies and keratoconus (KC)
18:10Hams Samy
Intolerable nighttime dysphotopsias after ICRS
18:15Hidenaga Kobashi
Evaluation of a new portable corneal topography system for self-measurement using
smartphones: A pilot study
18:20Loïc Hamon
Altered corneal biomechanics according to the biomechanical E-Staging in pellucid marginal
18:25Malena Parmeggiani
New approach for asymmetric and advanced keratoconus: Double concentric ICSR
18:30Mayank Nanavaty
Ten-year experience of using proxymatacaine to control postoperative pain in crosslinking
(CXL) for keratoconus
18:35Nada Alyusuf
To determine the incidence and to describe the clinical profile of keratoconus in Kingdom
of Bahrain
18:40Wan Haslina Halim
Clinical characteristics of keratoconus patients attending a
tertiary eye centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
18:45Safwan Al Bayati
Keratoconic treatment by CAIRS, first 7 cases result
18:50Merieme Harouch
Pediatric keratoconus: Global management is the key success
18:55Khusam Khraistin
Accelerated local corneal crosslinking
19:00Ahmed Alsaadi
IOL calculation in keratoconus
19:05Cristina Peris
Cretan plus protocol - Newer advancement in CXL with long
term outcomes
19:10Wessam Salem
Evaluation of the corneal biomechanics using corvis after different laser vision correction