09:00 – 11:30 …… Diagnostics

Chairperson: Michael Belin
Panelists: Cynthia Roberts, Mazen Sinjab, Mohamed Tarek Elnaggar

09:00Asim Ali
Children with high astigmatism: Tomographic and refractive characteristics and the ability of
current indices to rule out keratoconus
09:08Berthold Seitz
Adding the homburg biomechanical E-Staging to Belin’s ABCD keratoconus staging system for
early diagnosis and assessment of progression
09:16Cynthia Roberts
Cone location affects biomechanical response
09:24Haitham Al Mahrouqi
Population screening for keratoconus
09:32Moataz Mohammad Wessam
Updates in keratoconus morphology
09:40Pooja Khamar
Key biological markers in progressive keratoconus
09:48Shihao Chen
Genetic screening revealed latent keratoconus in asymptomatic individuals
09:56Aliyeva Sidiga
Anterior segment characteristics of keratoconus eyes using scheimpflug imaging technology
10:04Mohamed Tarek Elnaggar
Multimodal corneal imaging in evaluation of very asymmetrical ectasia VAE
10:12Wan Haslina Halim
Comparison of corneal tomographic and biomechanical parameters in keratoconus, first degree
relatives and normal
10:20Yasser Rifay
Accuracy of MS 39 in early diagnosis of keratoconus
10:28Abdelrahman Salman
Diagnostic accuracy of corneal and epithelial thickness map parameters to detect keratoconus
and suspect keratoconus
10:38Grigory Osipyan
Bandage therapeutic-optical keratoplasty in keratoconus patients after intrastromal corneal
segments implantation
10:46Shady Awwad
Diagnosing Keratoconus and Early Ectasia Solely Through Corneal Pachymetry Data